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7 Tropical Waterfront Restaurants near West Palm Beach


You have to try the waterfront restaurants near West Palm Beach! They have such relaxing and fun atmospheres. Who doesn’t want to eat in a tropical paradise? Check out the 7 best waterfront restaurants near West Palm Beach!

West Palm Beach, Florida

Waterfront Restaurants

(Scroll to the bottom for a map of the 7 best waterfront restaurants in West Palm Beach)

Waterfront Restaurants near West Palm Beach, Florida - Guanabanas


When I was living in South Florida, Guanabana’s was my FAVORITE waterfront restaurant! You can sit by the intracoastal waterway under palm trees and watch the boats go by. The restaurant is basically made up of tiki huts. It’s super fun!

The food and drinks are very good! I don’t eat much fish, so I personally love the GB Chicken Salad Wrap, but my husband loves getting fish dishes. If you get to choose plantains as a side, do it! They are so good! The Mango Beach Break is the best cocktail that they have.

Be sure to catch their happy hours for appetizers and drinks!

Guanabanas has valet parking, but you can also park at a big parking lot a block down next to Schooner’s.

Benny’s on the Beach

I personally like Benny’s on the Beach for breakfast the best! The food is great and they have a beautiful view. Benny’s is located right on the ocean.

Parking is in a city lot and will cost hourly.

Old Key Lime House

Old Key Lime House is another one of my favorites. It’s located on the intracoastal on the south end of Palm Beach County and has fun, bright colors!

The Old Key Lime House stays very busy, so expect to wait or get there early. They have valet parking, and you’ll probably want to use it because there isn’t much parking outside of that since the area is so crowded.

Waterway Cafe

If you’re looking for high class, go eat at Waterway Cafe! The location near a bridge is beautiful and the food is great.

Frigate’s Waterfront Bar & Grill

Frigate’s Waterfront Bar & Grill has such a nice atmosphere in North Palm Beach. It’s a little away from the crowded city of West Palm Beach and is on the intracoastal. If you have or rent a boat, Frigate’s is a great spot to pull up at for a nice meal!

Square Grouper Tiki Bar

Square Grouper is a bar, but also serves food. You get the fun atmosphere with great food too! You order everything at the bar and then you get alerted when it’s ready. This is a fun place to hang out with friends.

Utiki Beach

Utiki is a casual bar and restaurant located right on the beach! At Utiki, you’ll get a great view of the local landmark-the Jupiter Lighthouse.


Check out the map below for the locations in blue!

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