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Tips for Finding Cheap Flights: Best Airports


Did you know that to find cheap flights you have to find the best airports for cheap flights? Certain airports have flights for better prices depending on the destination. So how can you find the best airport to get the cheapest flight?

Finding certain airports to make the cost of your flight more affordable may sound complicated or not possible, but once you know our hack, finding cheap flights will be simple for you!

Tips for Finding Cheap Flights: Best Airports


Step 1: Use the Right Flight Search Engines

Using the right flight search engines is the foundation for finding cheap flights. Some websites will allow you to search for flights, but they don’t always show you the best affordable flight. There are two websites in particular that I use that do give you options to find the best flight for you. These two have worked best for me and my husband so far because of all of the search options that they have to offer.


Skyscanner is a great starting point when you start looking for flights for your trip. There are so many options when searching on Skyscanner. Even if you don’t know where or when you want to go somewhere, Skyscanner can help you figure something out!

Google Flights

Google Flights is another great site to use. Using Google is very helpful because of their flight alerts. I look for flights that I’m interested in and sign up for “Track Flights” to receive emails whenever the price changes.

Step 2: Find the Cheapest Airports

First, brace yourself for some travel tip gold about searching for the best flights…

Take a deep breath…

…Okay, ready??

Using Skyscanner and Google Flights, choose the whole country option for your departure flight. By choosing this option, the search engine will find the cheapest airport to fly out of to get to your destination. You may be thinking, “Well how am I going to get to another state to fly out of if I’m nowhere near it?” Don’t worry, I’ll explain. Remember, this is gold, so pay attention.

By choosing any airport in your country for your departure flight, the search engine can find the cheapest airport to fly out of to reach your destination. Sometimes choosing that option will take off half of the flight cost that you would’ve spent by flying out of your own airport.

NOW, after finding the cheapest airport option, you can search a separate flight from your airport to the cheapest airport that you found. You see, an airline may not have created the perfect flight and layover for where you are to where you are going, so you have to sort of create it yourself. Chances are, the flight that you book to get to the cheapest airport to fly out of will still keep your savings high enough to book a separate flight there and still come out paying less than you would’ve. Most of the time, this will save you hundreds when you fly internationally!

Two steps. It’s that simple!

Our Own Experience

For example, when we were making plans for backpacking in Europe, we wanted to fly from Atlanta, Georgia, to Milan, Italy. That flight was expensive…or so it seemed. When we searched for a better airport to fly out of, we found that the best and cheapest flight was from JFK (New York). The flight from JFK to Milan was half of the cost of ATL to Milan. So we found a decent flight from ATL to JFK and saved hundreds of dollars! We even made our flight to JFK earlier in the day so that we could explore New York City and then catch our flight to Milan that night! It was perfect and you can do it too!

*When you use this hack, be sure to schedule your flights with plenty of time in between layovers for you to get to your next flight!


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