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Things to Do On Land in Panama City Beach


Of course there is plenty of opportunity to be in the ocean when you’re on a beach vacation.  But what can you do to change it up?  Try exploring places and find things to do ON LAND in Panama City Beach instead!  The beach and ocean is great and all, but having a bit of diversity can be even greater!  Here are some things to do in panama city beach that are NOT on the beach!

Walk and Fish on the Pier

Walking on the M.B. Miller County Pier

Don’t underestimate a few hours spent on the pier!  Some of my best memories come from walking and fishing on the piers.  Growing up, my dad would take me and my brother to fish on the pier.  Although we never caught anything super significant, it is so thrilling to catch a fish!  Who knew!  We caught several small, pretty ones, and we even caught bigger fish.  We had no idea what they were, but I always felt so accomplished.

Recently, I took my husband to Panama City Beach’s M.B. Miller County Pier for his first time on a pier.  He wasn’t sure why I wanted him to go so badly until he actually went.  It’s so neat standing out on the ocean and looking down to see the many fish shadows.  We were only there for a couple of hours and we saw various fish, dolphins, a sea turtle, jellyfish, and a crab!  It’s also fun to see what the people around you catch while they fish.

Here are a couple of good piers in Panama City Beach:

Play Mini Golf

There are lots and lots of Mini Golf courses in Panama City Beach!  My husband and I have an ongoing mini golf competition (that will last our lifetime) and these were our two favorite courses in Panama City Beach…

Pirates Island

Pirates Island has a great beach atmosphere!  The course can be pretty difficult, but I really like the challenge of it (I won at this one, by the way :D).  This course will be busy, but it’s worth it!  Make a night out of it, for sure.

Coconut Creek

Coconut Creek is nice and family friendly.  The holes are not very hard, but they are still fun (My husband won this one…).  The atmosphere is neat because you feel like you’re in a zoo. They even have a maze next to the course that is fun for the kids.

Go Shopping

Pier Park Panama City Beach

Pier Park is the main place to shop and hang out in Panama City Beach.  It is a great outdoor mall with plenty of stores for shopping and just as many restaurants.  In the middle of Pier Park, there are even small rides, like a mini fair, for the kids.  Pier Park is huge, so plan to spend a few hours there to walk the whole place.  You might miss a section if you aren’t careful!

Of course you have to go to the beach shops!  I don’t know what it is, but I always feel the need to walk around each beach shop even though they are ALWAYS the same.  Here are the best ones to go to in my opinion:

Visit Amusement Parks

wonderworks panama city beach


Need some Food and Coffee suggestions for Panama City Beach?




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