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If you’re looking for an amazing view, you definitely need to check out Rock City on the Georgia-Tennessee border!  This place is beautiful and if you are nearby, you have to stop to see Rock City!

See Rock City – Border of Georgia & Tennessee

If you’ve ever driven on the interstates near the border of Georgia and Tennessee, then you have definitely seen all of the signs for Rock City.  “See Rock City” is posted all over North Georgia and they are PROUD of it!  Although they have a ton of advertising, I’m still surprised at even how many Georgia and Tennessee natives haven’t been.  Whether you’re from the Southeast region, or you’re looking for a neat place to go, you will not be disappointed with Rock City!

What Is Rock City?

Rock City is made up of rock formations.  These rock formations are super unique and paths were created to walk through the rock.  Walking through the rocks literally feels like you are in a city created out of rocks.  Rock City is also described as gardens because of the various plants throughout the paths.

Rock City is like an easy, fun hike.  It’s not all-natural, but it’s amazing and there are some awesome things to see!

Where is Rock City?

Rock City is located on Lookout Mountain.  Needless to say, the views at the peak of Rock City are beautiful, especially in the Fall!

Another great thing about Rock City’s location is that Ruby Falls (another awesome destination) is about 15 minutes away, downtown Chattanooga is also about 15 minutes away, and Nashville is only a couple of hours away.  So if you do explore Rock City for a couple of hours, you can also choose other places to explore during the same day or weekend!

What will I See at Rock City?

Besides the neat paths and the general pretty scenery, there are a few main things that you’ll see at Rock City.

Here are some of the awesome parts about Rock City:

Check out these pictures to get a feel of what you’re in for!


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