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Food and Coffee in Panama City Beach


There are lots and lots of food and coffee options in Panama City Beach, Florida.  For us, it was overwhelming trying to choose our meals out.  What we found was that there were only a couple of good coffee shops, and many food places with high ratings.  Instead of trying to choose amongst all of the Google suggestions, here are the food and coffee places that stood out to us!


 Wild Root at Lotus Cafe in Panama City BeachWild Root at Lotus Cafe

When my husband and I were on our honeymoon in 2014, we stopped by the Lotus Cafe to try a vegan lunch.  This time when we went, they had expanded so much!  The Wild Root coffee started at Lotus Cafe, so now they have food, coffee and juices, and even a yoga studio!  This place has a zen garden throughout the property and they sell some of the plants as well.

Besides the beautiful and relaxed atmosphere, their coffee is so good!  Just waiting for our coffees got me excited because the barista ground the coffee and prepared everything right in front of us.  The coffee smelled wonderful as the girl was making it!  We had a Cold Brew and a Kevlar (bulletproof) and they were both amazing!

Amavida Coffee

A little further inland in Panama City, there is another great coffee spot!  Amavida Coffee has several locations in the area, and one of them happens to be close to Panama City Beach.  I tried the cold brew with caramel in it and it was amazing.  I was very tempted to buy a whole bag of their locally roasted coffee.  The smoothness and flavor of the coffee was so good.

The Pour- Coffee in Panama City Beach

The Pour

The Pour is a super cute coffee shop to visit.  They use Fair Trade coffee and use their proceeds to benefit others.  The outside is shaped like a boat and it is located right across the street from the beach.  The inside has eclectic decorations and seating.  The coolest part of the place to me is the swing seating.  If you’re looking for a more local place that’s easy to hang out at, this is the place for you!



Breakfast and Lunch

The Wharf

The Wharf is a buffet breakfast.  It is located underneath the resort (across from Pineapple Willy’s).  The buffet was great and the waitresses are very attentive to all of their tables.  The inside has a huge aquarium column with beautiful fish.  Surrounding the restaurant, there are places to walk around and it is a nice atmosphere.

Jeannie’s One Stop Diner

Jeannie’s is a cute diner with good prices!  The food is very southern, so you can look forward to some yummy biscuits, eggs, and bacon!

Jesse’s Place

Jesse’s Place has more southern and home cooking!  Great choice for breakfast or lunch; just make sure you beat the crowd!

Thomas Donut and Snack Shop

Thomas Donut will look very random when you see it.  The outside shows that they have several different kinds of food and desserts.  The signs may make you wonder, but you should definitely try the donuts!  Thomas Donuts are local and very good!

Liza’s Kitchen

Liza’s Kitchen is a great sandwich and soup shop option.  Their breads and foods are made from scratch and this place is well-known locally.


Spinnakers in Panama City Beach


I LOVED Spinnakers!  The restaurant is located on the beach and it is huge!  There is a lot of musical influence and the atmosphere is awesome.  Other than the atmosphere, the food was super great as well.  I had the Hawaiian Burger with fries and my husband had a Fried Grouper sandwich with corn mashed potatoes and jalepeno bread.  A lot of the restaurants on the beach have foods that are just okay, but this place was amazing.  Spinnakers had both the atmosphere and the good food.


Firefly is a nicer restaurant that is unlike your typical beach restaurant.  They do serve fish and sushi, but the place is much more upscale.  Firefly was even named one of the most romantic restaurants by Open Table.

Runaway Island in Panama City Beach

Runaway Island

Runaway Island is located on the beach and has a more upscale feel.  They serve bread while you wait for your food and they have great service.  The restaurant is beautiful!  The food is great too, especially the Mahi Sandwich!

Dee’s Hang-Out

Although Dee’s Hang-Out is not located on the beach, it is still a great place to go for the food!  Dee’s used to be at a smaller location, but it got so busy that they had to move to a larger building.  I especially love getting the fried pickles as an appetizer here!

Thanks for checking out the food and coffee places that stood out to us in Panama City Beach!  Have you been?  What were your favorites?  Be sure to comment suggestions for the other readers!


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