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When I ask friends if they want to travel, they respond with, “Of course!” If I ask them if they have been traveling they say, “No, I haven’t been able to.” The biggest reason why they don’t travel is because of money. But I think that we can all have the freedom to travel if we know how to budget for travel. Learning how to budget for travel is key for traveling regularly…

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Airbnb 101

Ever since I started using Airbnb during my and my husband’s first big trip to Europe, I am addicted to finding Airbnb’s for every time that we travel!  It’s been great for far away trips and overnight stays just a few hours away from home.  Here are the ins and outs of traveling with Airbnb:

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Why I Love Traveling Locally

Travel LocalWhen someone says that they’re going to travel, what do we tend to think first?  We would think that they’re going to another country, right?  Most of us think of traveling as going somewhere far away, but we can actually travel by just going to the town next door!I absolutely love traveling locally!  I have…

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What Does It ACTUALLY Mean to Travel?

When you normally think of travelling, you probably think of going to some faraway magical place…But there’s a huge misconception about what it really means to travel.Did you know that the definition of travel is different than most people think it is?  According to, the definition of travel is “to go to one place to…