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There are plenty of free things to do near West Palm Beach, Florida, but not many people know about them! During my several years of living in West Palm Beach, I got to do lots of exploring. But because I was in college at the time, I needed to find fun free things to do. From personal experience, each place on this list provides fun experiences while keeping your cost low. I always took friends and family who were visiting to each of these.

So without further adieu, check out these 11 free things to do near West Palm Beach!

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5 of the Best Coffee Shops Near West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach, Florida, embodies a culture of art and creativity. Its culture is definitely reflected in the local businesses, but especially in the coffee shops. West Palm has a lot of residents who are college students, young professionals, and beach-lovers. That being said, there are some awesome coffee shops that have been influenced by the types of people who live there. Here are the best coffee shops near West Palm Beach that you should definitely check out!

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Things to Do On Land in Panama City Beach

Of course there is plenty of opportunity to be in the ocean when you’re on a beach vacation.  But what can you do to change it up?  Try exploring places and find things to do ON LAND in Panama City Beach instead!  The beach and ocean is great and all, but having a bit of diversity can be even greater!  Here are some things to do in panama city beach that are NOT on the beach!

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Food and Coffee in Panama City Beach

There are lots and lots of food and coffee options in Panama City Beach, Florida.  For us, it was overwhelming trying to choose our meals out.  What we found was that there were only a couple of good coffee shops, and many food places with high ratings.  Instead of trying to choose amongst all of the Google suggestions, here are the food and coffee places that stood out to us!