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Things to Do On Land in Panama City Beach

Of course there is plenty of opportunity to be in the ocean when you’re on a beach vacation.  But what can you do to change it up?  Try exploring places and find things to do ON LAND in Panama City Beach instead!  The beach and ocean is great and all, but having a bit of diversity can be even greater!  Here are some things to do in panama city beach that are NOT on the beach!

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Helen, Georgia’s Germantown

Helen, Georgia’s germantown, is a unique little town in north Georgia with lots of fun things to do!  All of the buildings were built to look more like German architecture and you can find German cultural influence in many of the restaurants.

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Take the Backroad Home


When I turned 16 and got my license, I wanted to learn all of the routes home.  I didn’t want to learn the routes just to know them.  I wanted to learn them because I didn’t want to always take the same boring way home.  Why take the backroad home? What’s the big deal?  Well let me tell you…

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Top 10 Things to Do in Atlanta

Atlanta, GeorgiaAs an Atlanta native, I have had many friends from other states come to stay with me for a weekend.  They all ask, “So what is there to do in Atlanta?”  Well… There are lots of things to do in Atlanta!  You just have to know how to find them.Atlanta is different than a lot of other…

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Atlanta’s Ponce City Market

Ponce City Market- Atlanta, GeorgiaPonce City Market is one of the most popular places to go and to hang out at in Atlanta right now.  It’s a unique building with unique restaurants inside of it and around the back of the building, there are stores to shop at as well as restaurants with outdoor seating.  There are several…

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Little Italia Atlanta

Every year for my birthday, I ask for an experience rather than a gift.  Experiences seem to hold so much more memories and last a lot longer than a tangible gift.  This year, I asked to explore a couple of places in Atlanta, Georgia.  First stop: Atlanta’s Little Italia!

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Airbnb 101

Ever since I started using Airbnb during my and my husband’s first big trip to Europe, I am addicted to finding Airbnb’s for every time that we travel!  It’s been great for far away trips and overnight stays just a few hours away from home.  Here are the ins and outs of traveling with Airbnb: