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6 Best Ways to Find Cheap Flights


Many people believe that flights are expensive, so they use this as a reason not to travel. People think that they can’t afford to fly across the country or across the world. The fact is…that’s just not true! If you know the hacks and best ways to find cheap flights, you can definitely afford to travel!

My husband and I love to travel and we are always looking for the most affordable ways to explore new places. While I’m a bit impatient when it comes to flight searching, my husband is the best at it and I’ve learned a lot from him! Flights can be expensive if you don’t know how to beat the system. But if you do know how to search for flights with hacks like ours, you can easily find super discounted flights. In this article, I’ll show you our process of booking flights.

(Stay tuned for more articles explaining each of these Travel Tips even more!)

Travel Tips: Best Ways to Find Cheap Flights

1. Use Good Flight Websites!

There are a ton of websites that allow you to search for flights, but not all of them will give you the best deal. You don’t just want a useful website, you want a website that will help you find the best price. My two favorites are Skyscanner and Google Flights and I’ll explain why.

*This tip is going to be the foundation for all of your flight searching!


My husband always starts his search for the best flight price on Skyscanner. Through Skyscanner, you can choose specific times and airports, OR you can make both flexible. It will show you the cheapest airports to fly in or out of and when. This is super helpful and I’ll tell you more about why it’s helpful in a later article.

Google Flights

Although I love Skyscanner, I really enjoy using Google Flights just as much. Google Flights has a lot of the same helpful options as Skyscanner. They do flexible dates and places as well. What I like most about Google Flights is that you can track the price changes in the flight that you’re looking at super easily. If you click “Track Flight,” Google Flights will send you an email every time the price changes. It can also tell you what the typical changes in price usually are for that kind of flight. That way, you can know the best time to purchase the tickets.

2. Find the Cheapest Airports

Like I said, the first tip (using a good flight website) is going to be the foundation for all of your flight searching. Skyscanner can show you the cheapest airport to fly out of if you choose to find your departure flight from the whole country. I know that finding a flight going out of a different state doesn’t sounds very helpful, but it is the best option! You can save lots of money this way.

Check back in for another article explaining the ins and outs of finding the cheapest airports and why doing this saves so much money!

3. Timing Is Key

Did you know that there are certain days of the week that are best to fly out on? Although finding the best timing for flights can depend on when and where you are going, there are some general timing tips that can definitely be helpful.

The best days to fly tend to be Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Probably because those days are inconvenient for most people right? But if you’re able to take advantage of flying on these days when you take trips, do it!

When flying, you should try to avoid peak times. Do some research on your destination and make sure you’re not going when everyone else is if you want to save some money. Skyscanner and Google Flights can help you find best times if you choose cheapest search options.

4. Pack Light

If you haven’t noticed, adding baggage to your flight can get complicated and expensive. These days, lots of airlines are getting extra specific and strict about their bag restrictions. If you want a checked back, you’ll have to pay for sure. But now, many airlines will make you pay for carry-ons. It’s getting ridiculous.

So to avoid extra fees or potentially going over the weight/dimension limit (which will cause you to have even more fees), try to pack as light as you can! Think of what you need and pack those things. Most likely, wherever you’re going will have the “just in case” items that you’re thinking of bringing.

5. Use Credit Card Rewards

If you’ve got a credit card that gives you rewards on travel, use it to the best of its ability! There are many airline cards and even generic credit cards that will give you points whenever you buy with that card. Those points can turn into rewards and miles with the right cards which will save you a lot when you buy flights and even accommodation.

Check out Nomadic Matt’s article on the best way to use credit card rewards to get miles!

6. Do Your Research

I hate to break it to you but…you’re not going to have a perfect flight just show up on your screen. To find the best flights to get a great cost, you’re going to have to do your research! Start signing up for email alerts from Skyscanner and Google Flights to get started. Another easy way to keep up is to follow airlines and flight websites on social media. I see lots of cheap flight opportunities posted on Twitter from various sites! But please…do your research. It may take time, but it’s all worth it in the end!


Stay tuned for more articles explaining each of these

Travel Tips in even more detail!


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