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5 of the Best Coffee Shops Near West Palm Beach


West Palm Beach, Florida, embodies a culture of art and creativity. Its culture is definitely reflected in the local businesses, but especially in the coffee shops. West Palm has a lot of residents who are college students, young professionals, and beach-lovers. That being said, there are some awesome coffee shops that have been influenced by the types of people who live there. Here are the best coffee shops near West Palm Beach that you should definitely check out!

West Palm Beach, Florida

My husband and I met at a university in West Palm Beach and then lived there for a few years. We absolutely loved the city and its atmosphere! One of our favorite things to do was to explore the local coffee shops. As college students, we got to know these coffee shops very well!  These were some of our favorites coffee shops near West Palm Beach, Florida…

5. Common Grounds

Common Grounds
12 South J Street
Lake Worth, FL 

Common Grounds Coffee uses locally roasted coffee and is located just south of West Palm Beach. They host open mic nights and live music. They strive to provide a place for people to be in community together and enjoy drinking coffee together.

C Street Cafe, Coffee in West Palm Beach

4. C Street Cafe

C Street Cafe
319 Clematis Street
West Palm Beach, FL

C Street Cafe is owned by a family of small business owners.  The wife is from Ireland and loves to bake.  She wanted to own a cafe, and got to open C Street Cafe on the busiest street in West Palm–Clematis Street.  The baked goods are great, but the coffee is awesome and decently priced for the area.  They use La Colombe, which has a great flavor to it.  Their baristas are consistent and can do some pretty latte art! (:

The atmosphere at C Street is very relaxed with a good amount of space.  It has a more upscale look and feel to it.  The lights are dim and it’s a great place to meet up with someone or read a book.  On certain nights, they have various types of artists playing music.  One of their most popular nights is the Open Mic Night.

3. Johan’s Joe

Johan’s Joe
401 S Dixie Hwy Ste 3
West Palm Beach, FL

Johan’s Joe is a Swedish Coffeehouse and it is very beautiful on the inside.  This one also looks more upscale and is covered in white decor.  Its modern, but also unique atmosphere makes it a fun coffee shop to check out.  When you go, be sure to try their pastries with your cup o’ joe!

Coffee Shops Near West Palm Beach - Harold's Coffee

2. Harold’s Coffee Lounge

Harold’s Coffee
509 Northwood Road
West Palm Beach, FL

Harold’s Coffee is located in an area near West Palm Beach called Northwood.  This area is its own little neighborhood with a small town feel.  There are plenty of restaurants and artsy shops on the main street, but Harold’s is most fun to hang out at.  The inside may be somewhat small, but the atmosphere is great.  You can sit outside and enjoy the weather if you’d like!

Harold’s has lots of yummy drink options and they even display their cold brew process.  So when you go, definitely try the coffee and enjoy looking around at the art on the walls while you hang out.

If you’re looking for more to do at a coffee shop, Harold’s is a great spot for that.  On certain nights, they have live music and spoken word from local artists.  This is one of the most popular places to go to in West Palm to hear music and especially spoken word.

Coffee Shops Near West Palm Beach - Subculture Coffee

1. Subculture Coffee

Subculture Coffee
509 Clematis Street
West Palm Beach, FL

The MOST popular coffee shop in West Palm Beach, as well as across Palm Beach County now, is Subculture Coffee.  This coffee shop will always be crowded just because it’s that good!  They have plenty of coffee options and it’s quite bold.  You can tell that they really care about coffee because they make it so well.  Be sure to try a pour over!

When you walk in, you’ll see coffee bean bags and roasters next to a small room with seating.  Outside, Subculture has their own alleyway where more people can sit and enjoy the outdoor atmosphere next to the popular, Clematis Street.  In this alleyway, they’ve let artists paint murals and they are awesome to see!  This space is definitely a great spot for photos.

Be sure to check them out and see what kinds of events they have going on.  Subculture is great about putting out food trucks and doing music for events for their customers to enjoy on the weekends.


Do you have more favorite coffee shops near West Palm Beach? Leave a comment below!



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